The cuisine of Basuki stands out for its menu, which balances traditional dishes from our classic recipes with modern gastronomic techniques, merging flavors from all continents.
The fundamental pillar of Basuki's cuisine, is quality product handled with care and love to preserve its purest flavors.





The menu

The menu reinterprets our traditional gastronomy and adds a thousand brushstrokes of creativity.
A kitchen with a smoky flavor, traveled and fun, that will surprise you.
Pure flavors with details, sauces and nuances that will leave you feeling like you have gone on a culinary journey.



  • Sausages, cold meats and cheeses (To share, not argue)

  • Shells and other crustaceans

  • Green I want you green

  • From Asia with love

  • From the fried side

  • Raw Corner

  • Eternal Classics of our Gastronomy

  • Sweet temptations



social cuisine



Basuki is a place for a good time. Enjoy each other's company and laugh wile you share four or five dishes off the menu.
It's a great place to go out to with friends and have a fun after-dinner drink accompanied by good conversation.
Two independent but connected spaces and a reserved room for up to 8, prepared to accommodate all kinds of business and social events.


meet the galaxy

the stars


The stars from basuki

In charge of the kitchen is Isma Valle. A classic veteran of the Bilbao Berria Group who has been behind his stove for more than 7 years in which he was part of the Metro Moyua Bilbao team and the successful Bilbao Berria (Ledesma 26).


Another fundamental, gastronomic pillar is Juan Bautista Agreda, who for almost a year has held the position of Executive Chef in Grupo Bilbao Berria.

Agreda has a long history in the kitchen. He began his studies at 15 and started his first job as a chef at 19 years old.

He worked with Bernad Benbasat, former chef de cuisine of Joel Robuchón and at the age of 22 he went to live to Andalusia where he got a Michelin star for Dani García
(current 2 Michelin stars). He was been his head chef for 6.5 years in Tragabuches, a restaurant in Ronda.
He has also worked in renowned restaurants such as Arzac (3 Michelin stars), with Martin Berasategui (3 Michelin stars in his Lasarte restaurant and 7
Michelin stars among all the restaurants he has and advises). He's also worked with El Bulli's team, current restaurant Enjoy (2 Michelin stars) and Manolo de la Osa (1 Michelin star)
- At 30 he decided to train as a specialist in new vacuum cooking technologies and went to France to learn from George Pralus, the inventor of the technique.
- He teaches vacuum cooking courses in Spain and 5ªgama to multinationals and decided to learn management on the side.


Juan Bautista Agreda talks about Basuki: "It's a cuisine with a stamp, where it's not uncommon to find a tuna flavored with Iberico ham, some Gyozas with a filling of the most traditional such as pork maniotas or haute cuisine details such as shrimp carpaccio with Idiazábal ice cream. A proposal with a rogue point so that the client is surprised, play and enter the philosophy of Basuki. A dynamic menu designed to share and try at least four or five dishes. "